What does “Being Mature in Christ” look like in real life?

By Ps Alby Yip

I thank God and thank all contributors to the above question. As promised, it is reproduced here but in an abridged version.

“Christian spiritual growth is first and foremost about learning how to lean ever more and deeply on Christ and His work.” (S) 

“Dare to take risks for Christ. Going and doing what is out of your comfort zone with the prompting and leading of the Holy Spirit.” (MC)

“Being mature in Christ means being able to pray for your enemies instead of just complaining about them or hating them. It’s something I struggle with every day, which was why when you asked that question during the service, my first response to the person beside me was to point at myself and say ‘Not this’”. (RC)

“I don’t know because the person would be humble, not loud, low key, not showy, quietly going about kingdom work. Not worldly in ways, thus the world does not recognise him/her. Elusive to human eyes but the apple of God’s eye.” (TL)

“Count to three before you speak” (AK)

“With much fear and trembling, by faith in Christ, working out his desires, attitudes and behaviours towards others, in such a manner that he pleases God and glorifies His Name.” (YT)

“Practising what I hear… One thing to grow old in the Lord but it is another thing to grow up in the Lord.” (BP)

“Follow His words to be the disciples in our daily life. Our walk with Him will reflect whether we are mature in Christ, always loving and kind to one another.” (JY)

“For me, it means starting & ending my day with Him in prayer & His Word. It’s about putting aside time for God every day, reading & meditating on His Word, even though I know I’ve got tons of things to settle…  It’s recognising that it’s not about me but all about Him. It’s about making Him the LORD of my life.” (ST)

“Walking through the winding path of the faith journey: the low valley of failure & sins and the highway of joy & victory… each step in this sanctifying journey, the Spirit helps… me to know Christ better and becoming more like Him each day.” (BQ)

“Keep trusting in Christ daily…and being obedient… James 4:8, Draw nigh to God and He will draw nigh to you.” (FM)

“I think in the recent years since coming to Zion Bishan, many things have happened and I have had a lot of things to think about.

Accepting the taste of things we don’t like (or being thankful in suffering). Bearing one another’s burdens. A growing love and dependence on God. Patience. Peace.

Grow spiritually and establish a close relationship with God, repent of my sins and follow Jesus.  Building relationships and mutual affection for other believers and for the church.  Doing our best to love other people (both Christians and non-Christians).” (BT)

“Outflow Half of Cycle: Seek God first, prioritize and have a real relationship with Him. Bear any assigned cross, love and serve/ feed sheep

Inflow Half of Cycle: Bear costs and negative impacts arising from any assigned cross, loving and serving. Transfer costs and negative impacts back to God, God will minister to us in a real way, and Jesus already died for our healing.
Net Impact: Sustainable positive externality/ salt and light” (HW)

Maturity: A Poem (CL)

How does it look like?
I think I’d recognize it by its fruits
They heal, nourish, and cause true worship
Fruits that are sweet and a joy to behold

I see it in someone who loves deeply
Who humbly puts others before self.
Someone who’s contented but never satisfied
Cos she’s always thirsting for more of God.

Sees trials as growth spurts
And God’s tests as gifts
She celebrates the ups and downs of life
And is trained by perseverance and trust
She perceives proportions perfectly —
Problems big?
God is bigger. Way bigger.

Perfect Maturity
Only happens when Christ returns
But while we’re waiting,
Let us make the journey count
For we are His chosen
We will get there, in Him we will
For it is God who works in us
He is the one who will enable —
Us to act and to will according to His good purpose.

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