Prayer Points 25 June 2023

Our Church

Church Camp  We thank God for a wonderful church camp together. Campers were blessed by the deep messages from John 21 on Jesus’s personal interactions with Peter. We also had several workshops teaching us how to witness to & disciple people from different demographics. Pray for the follow up: several campers requested to have a more mature believer disciple them one on one.

Missions Month 2023  Through the theme ‘Reaching the World One on One’, we will be embarking on a series of messages from 9 July, where we will hear God’s heart for the lost and how we can partner with Him in His Mission. Pray for open ears and soft hearts, that as we listen, we will also seek and contend with the Lord, and obey His unique calling for how each one of us are on Mission for Him.

Our People

Darrell, Kaiyin, Shumin (ET)  We thank God for the good opportunity during church camp last week to hear personally from these 3 members on how they are working in Singapore, East Malaysia, West and East Asia to see the gospel go forth to various unreached people groups there. Pray that they will continue to be upheld in prayer by many in our Church.

Our World

India  In the northeast hills of India, our partner is working towards financial independence for their rural congregations, pray that God will grant them wisdom to do so. In the eastern side, one partner shared that they are facing challenging local conditions, may God strengthen their faith. In the Hindi belt, our partner requests prayers for the rebuilding of their church as it is in a bad condition due to the monsoon rains.

Nepal  One partner requests prayers for floods in the east Nepal when a river overflowed and at least 22 were swept away by the waters. Pray for those who have suffered losses and for God to provide relief. At the same time, new families are coming to know Christ, may our partner be able to guide and disciple them to grow in their love and obedience to God.

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