Sermon Notes 18 June 2023

Why Do You Follow Me?

Speakers: Rev Ben Tsao
John 6:22-40

Do we wrongly follow Jesus………

1. only for His gifts and not for Him (vs 26)? 

2. focusing only on His temporary gifts and not His eternal gifts (vs 27a)?

3. trusting in our works instead of His works for salvation (vv 27-29)? 

4. for the thrill of signs and not for Him (vv 30-31)? 

5. failing to recognize that he is the source of life’s blessing – we confuse the means of delivery with the source (vs 32)?

6. for earthly bread instead of heavenly bread (vs 33)?

a. Physical bread gives temporary life but Jesus gives eternal life (vs 33). 

b. Physical bread is good for a fixed locale but Jesus is good for the entire world (vs 33). 

c. Physical bread does not satisfy but Jesus satisfies completely (vv 34-35). 

7. selfishly expecting ministry success, instead of selflessly pursing God’s will and trusting in God’s sovereignty to save (vv 36-40)?   

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