Session Meeting Highlights (18 July 23)

  1. Session reviewed the updated Code of Governance for Charities and IPCs and confirmed that we complied with the revised guidelines.
  2. A budget of $18,000 was reallocated to fund further repair works for our building leakages.
  3. This year’s Ministry Behind The Money (MBTM) will be held on Sunday, 19 Nov 2023, 1-3 pm to facilitate more members’ attendance.
  4. Elder Sonny, the chairman of the Investment Committee, reported healthy returns from our investments. The returns were ploughed back for further investments.
  5. Pastor Dev & Pastor Zhiwen will be forming a ‘Heartland Projects’ Task Force, to ascertain how we can better minister to the various demographics of our many Home Missions initiatives.
  6. Zion Bishan BPC will increase its partnership with Emmanuel BPC, to see how we can further pray for and support one another, as we serve God’s Kingdom together.
  7. The HR Review Taskforce comprising Session and members who are HR professionals have completed the review of staff salaries. The HR Committee will finalize the recommendations and present them at the upcoming budget meetings.


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