Prayer Points 27 Aug 2023

Our Church

FM Trip to Mongolia – Pray for the team, comprising of members from our English and Chinese services, that this trip to Mongolia will be one of relationship building, learning and encouragement. From English services we have SQ, Annabel and Dn Beng Hwee. From Chinese services, we have Ps Kew, Ps Paul, and brother Wenxi. Pray for good health to adapt to the environment and a safe trip. Pray also for our contact there, that he would have the strength and ability to continue sharing the gospel to fellow Mongolians. The team leaves on 24 Aug and returns on 29 Aug.

Look Into Full-Time (LIFT) – Thank God that more than 15 participants signed up for yesterday’s LIFT event, where they got to hear from the Bible and from the pastors/ministry staff about joys and sacrifices of full-time, paid Gospel ministry and our apprenticeship scheme. Pray that these participants will continue to grow in Jesus and have His wisdom to navigate any spiritual and practical steps ahead of them as they consider these things. Let us also pray that the Lord of the harvest will convict and inspire many more workers in Zion Bishan to join the urgent work of building up the local church and going forth into the unsaved world for Jesus.

NextGen Malaysia – Ps Vernon, Jacqueline, Joel, and Timothy will head up to Malaysia on Tuesday for a 4 day conference that seeks to equip young leaders to handle and teach the Bible. Pray for Ps Vernon as he preaches from John’s Gospel, and for the other staff as they facilitate groups and lead workshops. Pray that it will be a time of mutual encouragement with our Malaysian brethren as we sit under God’s Word together.

Children’s Ministry – The Children’s Ministry celebrated Teachers’ Day with the teachers on 26 Aug 2023 and 10 Sep 2023. We thank God for the 53 teachers and 14 volunteers who have committed their time this year to disciple the children in Zion Bishan by teaching the bible faithfully and accurately to the youngest amongst us. Pray for the teachers and volunteers that they continue to grow in their understanding of God’s Word, to have soft hearts that are shaped by what God says and deepen their relationship with and love for God.

Our World

India – Two partners are conducting Sunday school teachers training and pastors training soon. May these trainings be used by the Lord for the equipping of the workers here in this field. In the Hindi belt, our mission partner is getting opportunities to start new work in 2 areas, pray that God will open the way for it.

Indonesia – Our southern neighbour just celebrated its Independence Day on 17 Aug. According to Joshua Project, it has 787 people groups and 193m (or 70%) of its population of 280 million are considered unreached. Pray for the country to continue to enjoy peace and prosperity and for our partners and our missiology school alumni to persevere in doing the good works that God has prepared in advance for them to do.

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