Sermon Notes 13 Aug 2023

What Does The Church Most Need?

Speaker: Mr Gwilym Davies
Revelation 1:9-20

Intro: What does the Church most need?

Context: A book written for the churches – real churches

What the Church most needs is to…

1. Remember Jesus, the One speaking

2. Remember where He is

3. Remember what He has done 


Questions for Discussion and Reflection:

  1. In what ways might we be tempted to have a smaller view of the Lord Jesus? 
  2. John’s letter was written to churches that were struggling with complacency, compromise and persecution. Do you think your congregation struggles with any of those things?
  3. If it does, how does this vision of the Lord Jesus help us? How might it help us when…         
    … we’re half-hearted about following Jesus? 
    … we’re tempted to fit in with the world around us? |
    … we’re facing opposition or persecution for our faith?    

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