Session Meeting (15 Aug 23) Highlights:

  1. Elder Chan Kin Yip will assume the office of Assistant Honorary Treasurer when Elder Roland’s term ends in November. We recorded our thanks to Elder Roland.  
  2. As per ongoing efforts to fine-tune our policies and practices, we have tightened matters relating to written-off assets with a two-tiered approval system.
  3. The Investment Committee reported healthy surpluses from our investments. The surpluses were ploughed back for further investments. It is noted that there is a downward trend in interest yields.
  4. Pastor Paul Yeo has taken over leadership of the Mandarin Service. Pastor Kew See Seong will relinquish his service end of September.
  5. The 2024 Good Friday Service will be a combined service among all 11 BPCIS churches to be held at ACS Independent at Dover Road.
  6. As part of the effort to make Zion Bishan a more inclusive church, our Enabling Ministry in partnership with Koinonia Inclusion Network (KIN) will be holding a series of Leadership Engagement Workshops and seminars to educate and encourage all in Zion Bishan towards greater understanding and acceptance of all who are differently-abled.


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