Hebrews #19 Chapter 12:18-29

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Day 1

Read Heb 12.1-17 again. How does the author encourage the readers to endure? How has it re-framed the way you think about our struggle with sin & suffering? Take time to reflect and pray to God about it.

Day 2

Read Heb 12.18-20. The author paints a picture from Exodus 19, even quoting from it. How would you describe this picture to someone? How would you feel if this was the picture that we come to when we draw near to God?

Day 3

Look at Heb 12.20-24. What is the author describing here? How does it contrast with the picture from v18-20? How might that be encouraging?

Day 4

Read Heb 12.22-29. What is the author warning the readers about? How does the quote from Haggai help us understand what the author is looking forward to?

Day 5

Read Hebrews 12 again. What do we now have in Christ? What are we looking forward to? How do these things help us to keep going?

One of the important aspects of Heb 12 is running the race together. How can we as a church/AG strive for peace and holiness together, ensuring that “no one fails to obtain the grace of God?” Speak to our heavenly Father and ask him for his wisdom.

Reflection Songs

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