Hebrews #2 1:1-2:4 (Part 1)

Day 1

Spend some time reflecting on the broad themes of Hebrews we’ve thought about last week. What are you most excited to hear, or have most questions about? Pray to our heavenly Father and ask him for understanding as we begin our studies in Hebrews.

Day 2

Read through the passage once. What seems to be the tone of the author here? Why do you think he speaks that way?

Day 3

The author quotes a lot of the Old Testament in this passage. What points are he trying to make with them?

Day 4

What is the author trying to convince his readers about Jesus? How does he do so? How does he want his readers to respond?

Day 5

What are some big things you’ve learned about Jesus in this passage? How has your heart been encouraged by these truths this week? Pray for your hearts as we approach God’s Word together this week.

Reflection Song

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