Sermon Notes 3 Sep 2023

Sardis and Philadephia

[ Revelation 3.1-13 ]

Christ is attentive to the distinct strengths, struggles, failures of every church.

Sardis: The Reputable Church

Philadelphia: The Slandered Church


Questions for Discussion and Reflection:

  1. Read Revelation 3:1–6. What are the charges against the church at Sardis (vv. 1–2)? What does it mean that this church’s works were not found complete in God’s sight?
  2. How might we heed the call to wake up and strengthen what remains?
  3. Read Revelation 3:7–13. How does Jesus praise the Philadelphian church (vv. 8, 10)? What effect might the “lies” by the so-called “synagogue of Satan” have on the name/reputation of the Christians in Philadelphia?
  4. The “open door” (v. 8) sounds like this church has an opportunity to take the good news of Jesus into places and hearts where it has not yet reached. What open doors is Jesus setting before us today?

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