Prayer Points 25 Feb 2024

Our Church

Land Lease Renewal – We rejoice and give thanks to God for the very favourable offer from the Singapore Land Authorities (SLA) for our land lease renewal for another 30 years. The amount will be announced at the ECM where we will also vote on it. Now that the lease matters are settled, let us also join our hearts and hands to continue to build the church and grow the Body of Christ so that we may Present Everyone Mature in Christ. Pray above all for more Gospel opportunities that we may indeed be a City on a Hill and Light to the Nations.

Catechism Class – We thank God for the new round that started last Saturday, with 32 participants. Please pray that the table hosts will be able to quickly get to know them and faithfully minister to them over the next 3 months. Please pray for the participants that they will be clear on the core teachings of the Christian faith, and more importantly, in their relationship with Jesus Christ!

English as Second Language (ESL) – Keep the ministry, our teachers and the ladies in prayer as they begin their classes for the year tomorrow, 26 Feb. Pray for a good turnout and a smooth registration with current and potential students. Pray also for the teachers that through the material that has been prepared, they will serve with a heart of ⁠joy and that relationships formed will facilitate conversations of faith and sharing of the Gospel.

Our World

India – One partner in the Hindi Belt area is serving the communities here with the love of Christ through establishing good schools in this region. Pray that resources for the development of certain classrooms will be given for one of their schools before the next academic year. In NE India, another partner just completed their men’s conference, with the theme “Every Shepherd Needs a Shepherd” this past week. Pray for the 200 men who attended this to continue to listen and depend on Jesus as they model after Him to lead others.

Lebanon – Our partner in here has a ministry providing food, medical emergency support, psychological and social support to those in needy communities here in the Bekaa Valley. They also have literacy programmes and Bible studies at the new centre in this valley, empowering children and youth in these communities. May the love and light of the gospel bring personal transformation to those in need in this nation that has suffered much challenge due to a failing economy and also incidents such as the 4 Aug 2020, explosion in the port area of the Beirut.

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