Prayer Points 17 Mar 2024

Our Church

Land Lease Renewal (2.4.24) – Pray for a smooth process for the land lease renewal on 2.4.24. Pray too for the commemorative 2.4 km Walk/Run at 6pm that evening (Please join us. Dinner provided for registrants). Pray also for the organizing of the Thanksgiving Service that the night might be a night of revival for Zion Bishan. That as we remember with thanksgiving God’s faithfulness for the past 30 years, we will also commit ourselves to give our all to growing deep in Personal Discipleship, getting real in Gospel Culture, and going out as a Missional Community to be a disciple, and make disciples for the Lord Jesus.

Tuition Ministry – Thank God for the term break and rest that both students and teachers were able to have this past Thursday during the week of school holidays. Continue to pray for strength and love for the teachers as they come alongside the students and help them in their studies. Pray too for the students to witness and experience Jesus’ love and be invited to respond in God’s time.

Our World

India – National elections are upcoming this year for India. However the dates for this has not yet been announced. 47 leaders of our ministry partner recently prayed and fasted for 48 hours for the elections, which was a first for most of them. A prayer material was prepared and translated into Telugu and each item was prayed over. Thank God that many of the leaders were spiritually nourished through this time of prayer together and their burden for India to know the love and truth of God grew. Please pray along with our brethren in India for a just and fair election without violence, corruption and other power plays by the various political parties. Pray also that good leaders will be elected who will rule the nation with justice and righteousness.

Ramadan – The fasting month for Mu.slim communities around the world began last week. Pray for our hearts to understand God’s heart for this community, that we will begin to love them as God has loved us. May they also begin to know that God desires for them and all peoples to relate to Him as their heavenly Father as we are His children.

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