Prayer Points 3 Mar 2024

Our Church

ECM – We thank God for the smooth conduct of the ECM. We’re grateful more so for God’s favour in the very favourable offer of $4.64 million from SLA for the renewal of a fresh 30-year land lease. Let us pray that we are not merely occupying the land and building. Let us commit ourselves to possessing the land (Deut 1:8) by giving our all to reach out to our neighbours and beyond. Let us be a City on a Hill and a Light to the Nations!

Christianity Explored (CE) Table Host Training – Our 6 table hosts would have concluded 3 weeks of training this coming Wednesday (6 March). Pray for them as they come alongside seekers and friends, helping them to see Jesus in the Gospel of Mark and in presenting Christ faithfully to them, bring them closer to Christ. The 7-week course begins on 13 March.

Our People

Grace L. – Thank God for Grace’s work with OM’s Mercy Team’s International (OM-MTI) demonstrating and proclaiming the love of God through various initiatives around the world. Pray specifically for an initiative to provide quality education in Cambodia among a marginalised, religious and ethnic group. Pray for the provision of the right team as well as resources for this. Pray also for Grace and her team as they support the development of this and other projects that OM-MTI is engaging with.

Our Denomination

Emmanuel BP – EBPC was one of the first churches to obtain a permit to operate in a B1 Industrial Estate (same as Hermon BP ). Please pray that the holding company will be able to find new B1 tenants this year, so that they can continue to facilitate the church activities. If you know anyone interested in renting or using this B1 space, please contact Pastor David Leong.

Our World

Nepal – In the East Nepal, one partner who runs a school requests prayers for their teachers and students. For their new teachers who are from elsewhere to be able to pick up the Nepali and Tibetan language quickly and to adjust well to their roles, the local culture and climate. May the Lord bless this remotely located school as it reaches these least reached people groups to open many doors for them to know Jesus.

Youth With a Mission (YWAM) – 11 leaders and mission workers from YWAM lost their lives in a freak accident in Tanzania on Feb 24. Pray for God’s comfort to be with the friends and families of the team, and for God’s glory and sovereignty revealed even in the midst of this tragedy.

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