By Ps Alby Yip

It was a glorious day for Zion Bishan BP Church. We renewed on 2.4.24 a 2nd lease on 4 Bishan Street 13 for another 30 years. It is heartening to see so many people being excited about this significant milestone in the history of Zion Bishan BP Church. Some ran 24.24 km to commemorate the day, and some walked and prayed for 24 km. Then a 100% staff attendance to make the official application for the fresh lease.

In the evening, more than 80 members of all ages, including five on wheelchairs, took part in the commemorative 2.4 km WalkRun. Thereafter we had a fellowship dinner with young and old sharing about God’s grace. The day ended with a rousing Thanksgiving Service, the first service of the fresh lease. Some WalkRun participants asked me, “Pastor, you mean we can worship God dressed down or in sports attire?”

My reply to them, “Well, Revelation 19:8 says it is not so much what we wear to worship God. It is more about God granting the Church, His people ‘to clothe herself with fine linen, bright and pure.’” That was exactly how it was during the Thanksgiving Service. Through the old photos and videos, we saw God’s Hand in the glove of Zion Bishan’s history providing for us, leading us, and even shaping history so that He might use us to be His blessings.

That is why we intentionally decided to renew on 2.4.24 our 2nd land lease on 4 Bishan Street 13. Beyond the nice numeric coincidence, I hope that this day, and on every subsequent 2.4 to come, we will doubly be reminded that this will be our second lease where God has planted us in this community. Having witnessed God’s faithfulness must evoke within us a firm commitment to be faithful to Him. May God help us!


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