To contact our pastors by e-mail, please enter their e-mail ID followed by @zionbishan.org.sg

You may contact the church office at office@zionbishan.org.sg or 6353 8081

Pastors Designation E-mail ID
Rev Dr Alby Yip Senior Pastor alby
Rev Dr Dev Menon Pastor dev
Rev Zheng Haoren Pastor (Community Development) zhenghr
Rev Kew See Seong 丘赐祥牧师 Pastor (Mandarin Service) sskew
Rev Lim Jit Thye 林日泰牧师 Pastor (Cantonese-Mandarin Service) jtlim
Rev Daniel Nge 吴才良牧师 Pastor (Mandarin-English Service) daniel
Rev Ebinezar Mohan Pastor (Tamil Service) ebi
Rev Dr David Wong Advisory Pastor
Rev Dr Quek Swee Hwa Pastor Emeritus

Serving Elders
Elder John Chai
Elder Chuah Chin Yew
Elder Chan Soon Huat
Elder Foo Say Chiang
Elder Michael Gan
Elder David Leong
Elder Jeffery Lim
Elder Lim Howe Run
Elder Roland Low
Elder Reginald Tan
Elder Sonny Tan

Staff Roles, Responsibilities & Prayer Requests


Pastor Alby Yip

Role & Responsibilities
Senior Pastor: vision, direction, and mobilization
Moderator of Church Session
Advisor to Chinese service EXCO
Supervise church staff
Supervise discipline and counselling matters
Member care
Teaching & preaching
Liaison with other churches & organizations

Prayer Requests
That I will be…
Diligent in my personal walk
Loving towards my family
Faithful to my calling in Zion Bishan
Passionate for the wellbeing of Zion Bishan members
Honest in my service
Trusting in God in every matters and needs

Pastor Dev Menon

Role & Responsibilities
Responsible for the Discipleship of the whole church:
In charge of preaching & teaching in the English Services
Manages the Board of Deacons
Ensures the training and support of the AG (Action Group) leaders
Encourages spiritual development in Christian families

Prayer Requests
Pray for sustained energy and health to consistently build up our congregation. Pray also that the Lord will raise up someone with a heart to cultivate ‘faith at home’.
Personally, pray that God will give Chene and myself the wisdom to raise our 4 children in the Way of Jesus

Pastor Zheng Haoren

Role & Responsibilities
Lead the executive function of community development together with the Community Development Committee.
Oversee the strategic direction for community development.

Prayer Requests
For the whole church to be mobilized for the holistic ministry of community development.

Pastor Ebi Mohan

Ps Ebi Mohan’s four areas of ministry are Tamil Service, Friday Prayer Fellowship, Overseeing Evening English Service and Ipoh and South Indian community development work.

Role & Responsibilities
To be in charge of pastoral ministry to the Tamil Service members
To coordinate the Friday Prayer Fellowship
To oversee the Evening English service
To give pastoral oversight to our South Indian community development work
To establish a congregation at Ipoh

Prayer Requests
For the TS to grow in quality (spiritually) and quantity (in numbers)
For the TS members to have real burden for souls
For Ipoh work – to reach out to more Indians
More from our congregation to be involved
For Ps Zadok as he joins with us in this work

Pastor Kew See Seong

Role & Responsibilities

Prayer Requests

Pastor Lim Jit Thye

Role & Responsibilities

Prayer Requests

Pastor Daniel Nge

Role & Responsibilities

Prayer Requests


June Tan

Role & Responsibilities
The ministry staff of Children’s Ministry with input from Pastoral staff will oversee the ministry developed for the children of Zion Bishan BP Church and it community. This will include birth through age 11 or 12 including, but not limited to, the following duties:

Develop and implement a program of Christian development and education for children beginning at birth and continuing through Primary 6.
Work with Family Ministry leadership and Deacons to recruit leaders and volunteers for ministry positions in the Children’s Ministry to include Children Discipleship (CD), special Sundays, Children’s Worship, VBS and other areas as they are identified and developed.
Zion Bishan Kindergarten Outreach – Weekly Bible story Telling and through special events Easter, VBS and Christmas.
Create a safe positive, nurturing and age-appropriate learning environment for every child.
Work with parents in the ongoing task of raising children to know and serve the Lord.
To conduct and or to plan training opportunities for Children Discipleship leaders and volunteers. Pray with all CD leaders every 2nd Sunday of the month.
To source age appropriate programs for the Special Sundays, Church camp and VBS (children’s camp).
To develop an annual budget and manage funds for the fiscal year.
Conduct systematic and periodic safety and cleanliness inspections of all spaces and equipment.
Scheduling the duties of Children Discipleship leaders, worship leaders and assistants.
Serve as a resource and liaison for parents.
Attend church staff meetings with church pastors, staff devotions.

Prayer Requests
Ministry – May the Lord help us be a church where parents take up primary responsibility in discipling their children at home, and getting equipped for this critical role.
Personal – Pray that the Lord will continue to use me to be godly influence for my family.

Vernon Quek

Role & Responsibilities
Vernon’s two main areas of ministry are the Young Adults and the AGs. His responsibilities involve the following weekly activities:
The training of AG Leaders in 3 Leader’s Prep (LP) Groups
Personal Discipleship of Leaders, potential leaders and YAs
Feedback for Leaders’ Bible Studies, both before and after AG

Prayer Requests
For a heart that is continually growing in love of and obedience to the Lord Jesus!
For an abundance of wisdom and love as I train the leaders at Zion Bishan.

Quek Tze-Ming

Tze-Ming’s main areas of ministry are at the Pulpit, and in Adult Discipleship. His responsibilities involve the following:

Preaching, when rostered. Facilitate Preaching Team weekly review meetings, and half-yearly retreats; and assist in planning and preparing for sermon series.
Coordinate and teach Adult Discipleship Classes.
Coordinate BGST-Zion Bishan Certificate programme for members undertaking theological education.

Prayer Requests
Pray for the ADC helpers as we plan classes that will help members grow in their maturity and service.

Sharon Quek

Role & Responsibilities

Youth Ministry
Youth Discipleship planning, coordination, recruitment and training of volunteer leaders.
Planning and cooordination of Youth Connect Service (monthly youth service) for 13-15 yr olds.
Supporting and advising Youth Fellowship Committee.
Planning for and supporting Christian parents of youths in their role as primary disciplers of their children.
Pastoral care of certain youths.

Community Development
Secretary for Community Development Committee.
Working on education and awareness programmes and events
Supporting Zion Bishan’s community development work as Philippines Coordinator and in any other capacity that may be called for on an ad hoc basis.

Prayer Requests

Ministry: Wearing two hats is not easy, with many projects that need attending to often at the same time. Pray for wisdom to manage my work well and to stay centred on Jesus so that I may draw strength and peace for all that I need to do. For youth ministry, could you pray specifically for me to know how to train and work with the youth leaders that I have.

Personal: It is always hard to juggle the responsibilities of home and work well. Pray for strength and wisdom to manage the housework, cooking, and family responsibilities that are mine too.

Ruth Quek

Role & Responsibilities
My two main areas of ministry are the Children’s Discipleship Ministry & the Young Adult Women Ministry.
My responsibilities involve the following activities:

Overseeing program, teaching and training at the 830 English Children’s Discipleship for children ages 2-4 yrs old.
Helping with 1030 Children’s Discipleship.
Organizing events for Children’s Discipleship – yearly camps, special events, special Sundays, family discipleship
Organizing Young Adult Events and the (yearly) EXPLORE Internship
Personal Discipleship with some of the Young Adult Women

Prayer Requests

Children’s Ministry:
In addition to all the weekly prep for CD lessons and the special events, there is a lot of background work involved in Children’s Discipleship.
Things like thinking through what the Bible says about bringing up children, shaping mindsets, thinking through how to better equip teachers and volunteers, how to cater better to our children’s need to grow and be challenged in the Gospel according to their pedagogical development, how to better partner parents and families and equip them for the task of discipling children at home.
It’s exciting and intensely daunting at the same time.
Do pray that God will be the one in control. Guiding and directing myself and everyone else I partner with in this ministry to do the work for His glory and to recognize His timing is better than ours.
Thank God for the faithful ministry partners He has placed to encourage myself & Aunty June in their readiness to help and support us. Pray for more to be raised – from every generation in this family of Zion Bishan.
Pray together with us, as we intercede for the children among us – that they will come to recognize the sinfulness and helplessness of their human nature and yet experience God’s love for them as they learn about the power of the Gospel and see it in action in the lives of those among them.

Young Adult Ministry (Women):
As I read the Bible with and ‘do life’ together with the YAs, pray that we will do the hard work of thinking about how the truths of the Gospel can apply to and be lived out in our lives.
Young Adult life is a season of many transitions and learning to take on big responsibilities. Pray for the YA community, that we will learn how to help each other see how we can be faithful to God in every transition and every season of life.
Pray that as we get convicted about the Gospel and God’s love for us in Romans, it will move us to be more outward looking – beyond ourselves, our AGs, our church, our country.

Pray for Vernon and me as we begin marriage and a life of ministry together – for our eyes to be continually looking to Jesus and our hearts wholly devoted to Him.
We’re thankful for the church community God has placed us in and for how He has been providing for our spiritual, emotional and financial needs.

Emily Quek

Role & Responsibilities
Coordinator assisting with the operation of ZB’s community development work.
Pastoral Care – counselling, bereavement & care ministry
Facilities Management
Ad hoc projects – church camp, special occasions/services

Prayer Requests

Pastoral Care – pray for spiritual discernment, good time management as I seek to be God’s channel of His love and comfort to those in need of encouragement, care or help in one way or another.
Facilities Management – pray for wisdom to resolve the remaining defects and manage additional works that need to be carried out.

Pray for spiritual discipline in setting aside adequate time for prayer and study of His word that my intimacy with the Lord will continue to deepen & grow.


Annie Wong

Role & Responsibilities
Major responsibilities:
Assist Judy with Church accounts (General & Development fund)
Admin support for reception of members
Weekly activities:
Entry of receipts and expenses into accounting system
Raise cheque payments
Process petty cash payments

Judy So

Role & Responsibilities
Major responsibilities: Church accounts (General & Development fund), BOD admin support
Weekly activities:
-Process weekly finances and payments
-Consolidation of Living Room accounts
-Liaise with signatories for cheque approvals

Prayer Requests
For Work – Pray for work-life balance
Personal – Pray for my son and my parents

Lydia Lim

Role & Responsibilities
Membership Database & updates
Update directory changes
Addr change
Update Holy Communion attendance
Generate monthly birthday list
Track membership figures for ACM report
Compute quorum for ACM/ECM
Send Wreaths

Bulletin preparation
Provide weekly attendance for all worship services and CE classes
Verify roster for musicians, PA team, tea and flowers contributors

Admin support for Worship Services
Liase and prepare quarterly roster for Worship leaders/song
leaders/musicians/flower arrangement/co-ordinators
Email music scores to musicians, song leaders & HIM in-charge
Photocopy and prepare Worship & Praise song sheet booklets
Prepare songs in PowerPoint slides and download to 830 n 1030 service, 5pm
Prepare song sheets/PowerPoint for Friday Prayer Meeting
Prepare and co-ordinate announcement highlights in PowerPoint slides
Manning of Info Desk
In charge of Lost & Found items
Maintain sign-up for contributions for Sanctuary flowers and Fellowship Tea
Coordinate special logistics like Donation boxes for disaster-relief, book table, displays
Prepare baptismal font for Baptismal service/contact photographers/order and set up Reception Lunch/labels for Baptism Cert
Set up scanner system for tracking Holy Communion attendance/ACM attendance/ECM attendance
Compile weekly attendance of all services and CE classes/prayer meeting
Send out Econnect weekly.
Prepare Announcements slides/Corporate Life Slides/Display slides for TV.
Help with the registration of classes for ADC, events – Baptism sign up, Seminars etc
Liase with Worship Ministry Team – help in preparations of name badges,
update of Visitors’ record and email to Hospitality Team weekly and send out letters/emails to new visitors weekly

General admin support
Receive incoming calls
Upkeep of Membership folders
In charge of booking of rooms and church premises
Print prayer items for Prayer Fellowship
Liase and record wedding booking
Mass mailing of letters

Prayer Requests
Ministry and prayer – serving in the WOZ committee for the past 8 years has made me grow so much in faith and in serving. Pray that I will be able to continue to use my skills to serve others in church. Praying for wisdom to know and made the right decisions in life and in so doing point others to Christ!
Thank God for my AG where we all come from different walks of life, different life stages and yet we are united in Christ! May we go forth with much of Christ’s love and wisdom as we study God’s word together.

Bay Yew Chye

Role & Responsibilities
Church Building Maintenance
In-charge cleaners
Admin Support
Birthday Cards preparations,collect mails & send mails
Monthly Aircon follow up,Pest Control follow up
Monthly warm up Rooftop Generator
Logistics Support for BSF n Sun Service logistics
Order photo copier toners & colour toners,replace toners
Logistics support for Gd Fri, ACM Mtg, Anniversary Day & Christmas Day
Weekly check for mosquito bleeding s & wash drainage
Follow up with contractor for repair works
Set up mtg for Session, BOD, Exco & Chinese Committee Mtg at Conf Rm

Prayer Requests
Please pray for my children’s good health.

Doreen Lim

Role & Responsibilities
Secretarial support for Senior Pastor, Alby Yip
Scheduling of appointments for Pastor David Wong
Sourcing of items/venue (goodie bags and special events)

Prayer Requests
Ministry prayer: to adjust and cope with admin support during leadership transition.
Personal prayer: for the salvation of my mother.

Wendy Loke

Role & Responsibilities
Administrative support to the ministries of Mandarin, Mandarin-Cantonese and Mandarin-English services.
Major responsibilities include the preparation of weekly bulletin, PowerPoint slides and administrative support to Chinese pastoral staff.

Prayer Requests
Please pray for my mum’s salvation and good health.