Honouring Our Children

Written by Ps Dev Menon

Last Sunday, someone mentioned how wonderful it was to see so many young children laughing and playing after the 5pm worship service ended – it really gave us a sense that we are one family.

Indeed, Zion Bishan has evolved over the years. Gone are the days when a baby’s cry would evoke a stern look. I’m so thankful for worship leaders and pastors who take pains to ensure that young children feel welcomed and put their often-anxious parents at ease. I can imagine how comfortable Jesus must have been around these little ones (even if His disciples weren’t). I am also beginning to see how our Father in heaven can never have enough!

The Family Ministries really want to do all we can to honour our children. Their holistic wellbeing – spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical – is important to us. As such, one of the efforts we are taking is to improve our safety practices:

All parents who wish their children to attend CD must know and be known by CD leaders.

This means that before a child attends any class, the parent/caregiver must have met with the relevant teacher, as well as the staff/deacon in charge – in person, or at one of the designated briefing sessions. This will not only ensure the safety of the child and avoid miscommunication, but we hope better facilitate healthy parent-teacher relationships that will enable the best possible discipleship for our children.

We appreciate if all parents, ushers, and everyone in the congregation can cooperate with us in doing this. Let the little ones come yes, but let them come safely!

We are so glad that more than 90% of our parents, including those of our Sec 1 children, attended the mandatory briefing sessions over the last couple of weekends. I believe other than learning about the ministry, it was a valuable time of sharing and encouraging one another to do all we can for this next generation to thrive in knowing Christ!

My next project is to ensure that the children are not only welcomed and treated well at worship services, but in AGs also. I want all AGs to welcome any children in their midst, so that all can study God’s Word together, and enhance our identity as #JesusFamily! If anyone would like to partner me in this endeavour – let me know! It is very big on my heart…

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