Session Meeting Highlights 27 February 2022

  1. Given the continued safe-distancing requirements for F&B premises, Rooms 102 & 103 will be opened for TLR’s use during the weekdays.
  2. We thank God for His abundant provision towards the COVID-19 Mission Relief Fund (CV19 MRF). With the stabilizing situation, it is decided that we will cease collection for this fund and rename it to Mission Relief Fund to support all requests for disaster and hardship relief. The MRF will be closed on 30 June 2022 and the remaining funds channeled to the GMF. 
  3. In the interest of good stewardship of our God-given resources, a panel of finance professionals were put together to explore means increase the worth of the monies in the GPF in a wise and prudent manner. Final decisions will be presented in the May ACM.
  4. Also in the interest of good stewardship and of our need for more space, a panel of building and construction professionals are put together to explore the possibility of building extra spaces afforded to us with URA’s increase of our Gross Floor Area (GFA) from 1.4 to 1.6 plot ratio. Final decisions will be presented in the May ACM.
  5. Session was apprised and agreed to the need for the Zion Bishan Kindergarten to be converted into a childcare by January 2023.
  6. We thank God for the expanded ministry opportunity through the foreign worker dormitory meal delivery program from 20 to 40 workers. Session approved the increased budget.

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