ZB Covid-19 Taskforce Advisory – 11 Mar 2022

[PDF text reproduced below]

Zion Bishan COVID-19 Taskforce Advisory 11 Mar 2022

The Singapore government has announced that its streamlining of safe management measures (SMMs) will take effect from 15th March 2022.

Although SMMs are no longer mandatory, they are still strongly recommended. Thus, we intend to gradually relax our church SMMs. We want to encourage a greater number of people to return for in-person services and activities, but we are mindful of the ongoing wave of infections and so must carefully balance these concerns.

We also note that new variants may cause the government to reverse or further increase restrictions in due time, and we must be prepared to adapt as necessary.

Here is a summary of the changes:

a. The Main Sanctuary’s capacity will be increased to 350 pax (not including the serving team). We recommend that worshippers spread themselves out throughout the sanctuary as much as possible, and be seated in groups of 5. Alternate pews will still be closed off for safe-distancing. Registration & Vaccine-differentiation screening are still mandatory, but separate zones will no longer be required.

b. Congregational singing remains prohibited, and masks will still be required at all times.

c. Worshippers from different services are not to mingle with each other. As per our present policy, worshippers should participate in no more than two activities a day (e.g. one worship service and one class/activity).

d. The participant limit for our classes will now be capped by room capacity and no longer subject to a 50-pax restriction. This includes the Chapel, the Auditorium, and the Fellowship Hall. [Revised room capacities will be reflected in the Room Booking form] Group sizes will continue to be capped at 5 pax. Food & Beverage remains prohibited within the church premises.

For vulnerable persons (preschoolers and the elderly), any activity involving more than 50 persons must receive prior approval from Senior Pastor Alby Yip.

e. Fast and Effective Testing has been discontinued. However, we will continue to have ART testing (within 24 hours) for those serving amongst children aged 12 and below, and the elderly. Our ministry & pastoral staff will also continue to test themselves before each weekend’s ministry activities.

In due time, members and regular worshippers can expect an update from our pastoral team on further changes and steps ahead in our Next Lap journey. Meanwhile, we encourage all worshippers who are well to gather regularly for in-person congregational worship. If you are unable to or concerned about doing so for the time being, please do speak to your Congregation Shepherding Team so we can best support you.

Finally, do notify us if you’ve tested positive for COVID-19 so that we can offer you care and support. It is important for us to know if you have attended an in-person church activity close to your infection period. This will allow us to inform those who may be in close contact with you to take precaution and avoid contact with younger children and the elderly.

The grace and peace of our Lord be with you! 15 Mar 2022

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