Prayer Points 3 April 2022

Our Church

Easter (17 Apr) – As we approach Easter in 2 weeks, let us remember our Lord’s love and sacrifice for us, and respond in boldness to share good news of salvation and healing with our friends, neighbours, colleagues. The first step to reaching them is to engage in fervent prayer for them and the harvest field anywhere. Pray for more from Zion Bishan to join the nightly zoom prayer time (organised by ZB’s mission team) to pray for the harvest. See announcement page for more details.

Tuition Ministry – Pray for God’s love to continue touching the young hearts of the 20 children and youth who come from low-income families.Some of them face complex issues such as family violence, post-divorce parenting challenges and mental illness while others have special needs such as dyslexia and ADHD.Pray for God to stir the hearts of the students to seek and find Jesus, and for the 22 volunteers to continue having wisdom, stamina and compassion as they serve sacrificially.

Easing of COVID Safe Management Measures – Thank God for the gradual easing of safe management measures in Singapore that will allow us to resume normal work and social routines. Pray for wisdom for our ministry leaders as they implement these changes across ministries, and the protection of vulnerable groups such as the elderly and young children. May we also remember the many lessons the pandemic has revealed to us individually and corporately, and may we persevere in our faith as pilgrims and as His children here on earth amidst these changes.

Our World

Foreign workers (Singapore) – We owe much to the foreign workers in our nation. Praise God for the initiative facilitated by Ps Ebi to build bridges of friendship with the migrant workers working in a factory, through a ZB contact. May we, as God’s people, have the wisdom and boldness to share Christ naturally with the foreigners He has placed in our social networks.

Indonesia – Thank God for the opportunities our partner has to mobilise Christians to go to unreached people groups here. Here is the challenge he shares about mobilising Christians: “Most Christians tend to stay in the comfort zone doing things that they have done without realising that there are still many groups of people who have not heard the Gospel and have no access to the Gospel”.  Praise God for the 34 young people who have been mobilised from a local Presbyterian church to be prepared to go out to the field.

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