Announcements 8 May 2022

Annual Congregational Meeting 2022
28 May, Saturday, 4-6pm

  • Notice of ACM, reports and instructions have been sent out from 7 May to communicant members only.
  • Please email or call 6353 8081 if you have not received the details by 9 May.
  • Please submit any questions you may have to Session latest by 15 May.
  • More details can be found in the ACM notice.

Church Building Upgrading Project Dialogue Session
14 May, Saturday, 3.30pm @ Church Auditorium (L4)

As announced previously, the Church leadership has been praying over and planning to upgrade our premises and facilities to facilitate ministry to our growing membership, Lord-willing.

Please read the FAQs and watch the video of Pastor Alby’s word to us here: Join us at this dialogue session to hear more and prayerfully discuss the matter. No registration is needed.

Read the latest Covid-19 Taskforce Advisory on the further relaxation of Safe Management Measures:

A SENIORS360 Event
Snacking for a Healthier You: Know the Facts, Choose the Right Snacks!
14 May, Saturday, 10:30am, 
In-person at Chapel or via Zoom

Come join us at this upcoming SENIORS360 event with our invited speaker, Ms. Ler Yi Bin (Dietician). 
She will be giving tips on why & how to snack healthily. Do invite your non-Christian friends along!

To sign up:

Spiritual Formation Discovery Workshop
(1st run: 8th, 13th-15th June, 3 weekday mornings & evenings, Zoom)

Hi all, it is always good to be anchored strong in Jesus as harvest workers wherever we are. And here is a good opportunity to TREAT yourself to some well-deserved YOU time to grow deep in your walk with God.

What you can look forward to at this Spiritual Formation Discovery Workshop: “Discover the love of God in your spiritual journey through a 3 day series of… STORIES, INSTRUCTIONS and SPIRITUAL EXERCISES that will help you DISCOVER, EXPERIENCE & PARTICIPATE in your spiritual growth.” 

For dates, times, registration, payment details, see this event page on Imago Christi’s website:
For info on the content of the workshop, click on this link:

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