OT Overview Devotions (Week 11: Pentateuch Review & Reflection)

We’re going to pause at this point of the Overview to do a review of what we’ve seen in the Pentateuch, the first five books of the Old Testament that God gave to Moses for His People. The goal of this review is to create some time and space to reflect more deeply on these foundational truths that God wants every generation of His People to know (Deut 31:9-13).

Day #1:

Take time and re-draw the Big Picture Diagram (the graph) for yourselves. Which has been the most impactful passage for you personally?

Spend some time reading a portion of the Scripture passage from that week. Talk to God and thank Him for what you personally found to be impactful and ministering to your heart.

Day #2:

Looking at your Big Picture Diagram, which has been most confusing passage personally? Spend some time asking for the Spirit’s help as you revisit the passage. Try to make more progress in how the passage fits into the Big Picture.

Day #3:

What are some of the big truths you have learnt about man over the last few months? How do they challenge the way you view yourself and the people around you?

Day #4:

What have you come to understand better about God and His character? What about God have you also seen in a new light in the past 5 months? Take a moment to speak to God and thank Him for what He has revealed to you.

Share with someone the truths you’ve learnt about yourself & God; take time to pray with them too!

Day #5:

The big goal of the OT Overview is to see the Bible as one Big Story. What are one or two big ways that you’ve grown in your understanding of God’s Big Plan this year? (*Hint: think specific links or threads across passages that you’ve seen for the first time or grown in your understanding of)

Day #6:

Imagine you were talking to someone who had never done a Bible Overview before. What would you say in order to persuade him or her that it was worth the time and effort to do an Overview? What would you say were some of the biggest challenges of doing an Overview?

Speak to the Lord about how you’re finding the Overview so far. Thank Him for what you’ve been impacted by, be honest to Him about what you’ve been struggling with, and finally pray over what He has to teach you in the rest of the Overview.

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