Prayer Points 29 May 2022

Our Church

Prayer for the Family Ministry 
pray for God’s continued guidance & direction in this Ministry. 
pray for God’s hand of blessing upon the families in the church, that they are discipled in the Word & will continue to obey God’s teachings so that their faith will continue to be strengthened. 
pray for strong relationships in marriages that will ultimately display God’s glory & grace. Marriages that will lay strong foundation for nurturing the faith of the next generation of children. 
pray for parents to take the lead in passing faith to their children & to assume the role of being their main influencers for spiritual life & growth. 
pray for the ministry leaders in this Ministry that they will be enabled & empowered by the Holy Spirit with the mission to equip every family member where faith is lived, discussed & nurtured, & the faith of the next generation be raised up to honor & glorify God.

Basic Action Group Leaders Equipping Course – Please uphold the Basic Action Group Leaders Equipping (BAGLE) participants as the 6-week course begins today. Do pray that our Father will help each participant grow in clarity of healthy small groups according to His design in Scripture. Pray especially for refreshment and nourishment for all as we listen to the voice of the Good Shepherd, Jesus. Pray for God’s help too as we explore difficult issues of pastoral care and burnout.

The Living Room (LR) – We heard from mission focus last week of the many doors God has opened for LR to share the love and the good news of Christ with seniors and residents in our Bishan neighbourhood. May we as a church family, both individually or as an AG, consider these initiatives by the LR & partner with the Holy Spirit in this way to make outreach an intentional part of our discipleship journey.

Our People

Daniel Tay – Please pray for our brother who will be undergoing a very major surgery on 31 May to remove a cancerous soft tissue tumour. It will be a 10-12 hour surgery involving the removal of several major organs as the tumour is a large one in the back of his abdominal cavity. Pray for God’s hands to be with the whole team of surgeons and medical/nursing team during surgery and throughout the post-op period. Pray for Melissa, Minnie and Terry, & the extended family for God’s peace and strength to fill their hearts.

Our World

NE India – Pray for Brother Cecil’s wife, Sonali, who has Leukaemia for many years. Some of us at Zion Bishan will remember this couple when they were with us many years ago. Pray for God’s grace and mercy as more painful tests are expected next month. Pray that those tests will help doctors know how to treat her current infection effectively. Thank God for the provision of flight tickets which has enabled her to return home quicker rather than enduring a long journey by train. She is currently resting at home.

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