Sermon Notes 18 September 2022

Speaker: Mr Danny Chua / Mr Ng Zhi-Wen 

Far More Abundantly

Ephesians 3:14-21                                                     

THE GOAL: to be so filled with the all-powerful God that we the church glorify Him! (3:19-21)

To KNOW how GREAT (B x L x H x D) God’s plan is! (3:18) 
& to KNOW how unknowably GREAT Jesus’ love is! (3:19)

That you have STRENGTH together with all of God’s people… (3:18)

So Christ dwells in your hearts through faith… (3:17)

That His Spirit EMPOWERS you within… (3:16) 

For this reason, I pray… (3:14) 

Questions for Reflection and Discussion:

  1. What do you remember from the sermon or the passage? 
  2. Recall some of the things or requests you have been praying for lately. What are the main things Paul prays for the church in this prayer?
  3. What is so great about God’s plan and Christ’s love for you? How have you come to know these in a way that “surpasses knowledge” (3:19)? 
  4. Read the doxology in 3:20-21. Think of it as a prayer of both praise and request – that Paul asks for God to make a reality as well. Then pray it as a desire of your heart for yourself and for our church.

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