All Eggs in One Basket

By Ps Alby Yip

The phrase “all eggs in one basket” took on new meaning for me in the wee hours of 28 December. I am writing this in Europe where we were reminded repeatedly to watch out for pickpockets. It heightened my wariness of crowds, keeping watch over the family, and protecting my sling bag. All the money, credit cards, and passports are inside. It took an emotional toll on me the first night. I could not fall asleep but guessed I passed out, simply out of sheer tiredness from the flight, change of time zones, and constant heightened alert. 

Shortly after, I was woken at 3 am by a nightmare that I lost my all-in-one-basket bag! Just when I was relieved that it was a dream, I realized my bag was nowhere to be found in my room!  I felt sure that it was picked at the hotel restaurant, so I changed into full winter clothes faster than Superman and dashed down. The staff informed there was nothing that could be done, not even reporting to the police, until the morning which was four hours away!  I returned to my room with my heart at my throat, languishing in disbelief, fear, anger, and a host of anxieties.  After googling how to stop the cards, get cash, etc, I began to type the dreaded message to my family chatgroup about the loss of our all-in-one-basket bag. Then I saw the photo of the bag with the message, “@Alby you left your bag in our (the girls’) room.” 

I know, you will say next time… But when it comes to our spiritual journey, do we or do we not put all our eggs in one basket? Not being able to sleep after that horror, I did my quiet time and read the Bible. Finishing another Bible in one year cycle in a few days, I am on the prophets and Revelation where there are pictures and visions of judgements that would evoke the same disbelief, fear and anxieties for those who are judged by God. 

The visions of judgments are absolute. One is either belonging to God or not! It requires our absolute allegiance to God; it’s like putting all eggs in one basket when it comes to our faith and walk. Similarly, we will face threats of being pickpocketed by the evil one. Hence, the Word of God repeatedly exhorts us to “Watch!”

As we step into this new year of 2023,  I don’t know what lies ahead for each of us. But one thing I know, spiritual warfares are sure to come, oftentimes not blatantly “robbing” us of our joy and faith, but subtly “pickpocketing” us when we are not careful as we journey on the streets of everyday life. There are no secret ways or better ways to safeguard ourselves except, as the old Sunday School song sings, the tried and true way of “Read the Bible, pray everyday, if you follow Me (the Lord Jesus who commands us to ‘Watch!’)”

A Blessed New Year to you and Family!

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