Prayer Points 25 December 2022

Our Church

Friendship Meal – Praise God for a fruitful Friendship Meal held on Mon 19 Dec for ~40 elderly residents at Blk 410 Sin Ming Road. There were good conversations and new connections made. Pray for the follow-up with these residents through our volunteer befrienders.

Tamil Service – Thank God for the Christmas outreach through the Carol service by candlelight last Sunday evening and for the 10 visitors, both Christians and non-Christians, who attended.  Pray for our follow-up with them that many will return to discover more about Jesus and our Tamil community here at Zion Bishan.

Our People

Youths — Thank God for the youths in our Zion Bishan family. Pray for the love of Christ to be rooted in the hearts of our youths, especially after last week’s camp, where they learnt gospel truths through the messages and activities. Pray that the newcomers and younger ones were encouraged, as they experienced how each one is a precious member of the body of Christ. Pray also for the youths from the Chinese congregation as they too meet for camp this week and grow in their faith.

Wong Ping Seng – We thank God for a smooth surgery. Do continue to uphold brother Ping Seng as he copes with post-surgery side effects such as giddiness, headache, nausea and pain. Pray for patience and deepening faith as he journeys with the Lord through this challenging period.

Our World

India – Pray for protection for our Christian brothers and sisters in some parts here who are facing great challenges from the majority group this Christmas season. Pray for peace to come upon certain communities that has seen violence and discrimination erupt.  A partner reported that one of their Christmas programmes was disrupted due to these kinds of disturbances.

Nepal – Praise God for ongoing outreach work in many Tibetan villages in the D region. It was encouraging to hear reports of a recent visit to this high mountainous region where the good news was given to many different individuals. It was wonderful to see the positive responses to the good news.  This despite very harsh winter conditions in these regions with temperatures plunging to -10 degrees celsius in Town H and J. 

Philippines – Pray for the 100-150 Filipino youth, who will be attending an evangelistic camp from 27th to 30th Dec.  May the Lord open their hearts to God as they listen to the word preached. Pray also for good weather and for the financial needs of each student to be provided.

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