Prayer Points 26 March 2023

Our Church

Guest Workers Outreach – Thank God for open doors and how He paved the way for our church to be reaching the nations with the Gospel. Pray for Ps Ebi and team as they plan for growth of the ministry and embark on plans to teach them English. Pray for friendships forged to deepen, that in the volunteers’ love for these guest workers, they too may come to witness and experience the love and grace of God in Christ Jesus.

Christianity Explored (CE) – We have just finished our second session looking at Jesus’ identity this past week! Pray for the 11 seekers to keep discovering Jesus, especially this next week as we think about sin, the reason we need Jesus. Pray for our table hosts to have wisdom and patience so that there may be fruitful conversations at their tables.

Our World

India – Pray for one partner in the northeast who is conducting life skills training that God will raise up more candidates for the programme. The partner hoped to train 25 boys but so far only 16 signed up. Another partner in the north eastern hills hope to reach out to college youths in their area. Pray for good reception and opportunities for engagement.

Amongst our bible college fields, believers are facing increasing opposition, pray for God to provide wisdom to the leaders and fellow believers and for all to continue to put their trustin God and to stand firm in their faith.

Indonesia – Pray for our partners in Indonesia esp. during this fasting month that has just started. Pray for witnesses to be able to share the good news amongst their neighbours. Give thanks that our team of 6 visiting the fields has returned safely.

Middle East North Africa (MENA) – Pray for Sis C Lim who is visiting 2 countries this coming week to connect with fellow believers and leaders and bring a word of encouragement to them amidst the challenges faced locally. Pray for God to use her to open doors, build strategic bridges and connect workers from Singapore to the harvest field. Pray for her family back home: for her dad who has health issues and for bro Lim as he takes care of two young kids whilst managing his work.

Nepal – Continue to uphold Ps HR and Sis Christina in prayer as they engage with local believers. Pray for effective training and equipping of the harvest workers and all believers as they continue to plough in God’s expanding Kingdom in this region.

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