Apply Zechariah (Part 1)

By Ps Vernon Quek

Now that our sermon series in Zechariah is completed, the work of applying the words of the LORD of Hosts to our lives begins. Over the next few months, I’ll be reflecting on how Zechariah must change our lives in the hope that Zechariah will continue impacting us long after the end of the sermon series.

Our closing summary of the message of Zechariah was: ‘Exiles, the Day of our King’s Return is coming!’. In Zechariah’s generation, God’s people are engaged with the crucial task of rebuilding the temple. This is a repeated concept in the Old Testament: that the completion of the tabernacle/ temple is necessary for God to come and dwell with His people[1]. This is meant to show us the pattern that God’s ultimate Temple 2.0, the Church, must be completed before His ultimate Return, when King Jesus comes to dwell with His People forever.

Here are some big ways that Zechariah helps us understand what Temple-building looks like for us today:

Firstly, there are two main obstacles to temple-building in Zechariah: External opposition from the nations, and the internal issue of sin in the hearts of God’s people. Both those obstacles to Temple-building still exist today! Zechariah helps us be aware that we as Exiles tasked with Church-building will face these two obstacles. How prepared and deliberate are we to face these two obstacles to the Gospel going out?

Thankfully, Zechariah not only makes us aware of these obstacles, but gives us God’s solution to overcoming both these obstacles to Temple-building: just as it was through the hands of Zerubbabel (Zechariah’s Davidic King candidate) that the physical second temple was rebuilt[2], so it is through the ultimate Davidic King Jesus that the ultimate Temple’s foundations were laid and how it will be completed. He does this by cleansing us His Temple through the Cross (13:1; 14:20-21), and by pouring out His Spirit to help us recognize our sin, repent of it and run to the Cross of Christ (12:10-14; Acts 2:37-38).

The great practical application of this in my life has been an increased realization of sin both internally within myself and the Church, and sin in those opposing the Gospel – which has naturally resulted in more prayer for the Spirit to powerfully work in us and in those who are rejecting the Gospel of King Jesus.

How often do you pray for the Holy Spirit’s power to work within and around you? Zechariah tells us the Spirit is the key to the Temple 2.0 being completed, and that even those who oppose the King now can be a part of God’s People through His power (14:16). May we gain great motivation to urgently pray for the Spirit to work, and to participate in our King’s Return by getting on with our Temple-building Mission – until the Day that every elect saint becomes part of the Church and Jesus returns!

[1] God’s Glory, His presence, fills the completed tabernacle in Exo 40:32-38, and temple in 1 Kings 8:1-11.
[2] Zechariah 4:8 & 9

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