Hebrews #12 8:1-13

Day 1

This week, we’ll continue seeing what the author has to show us about Jesus our High Priest. What have we learnt about Jesus our High Priest so far in Hebrews? What have you been particularly thankful for?

Because of Jesus our High Priest, we can be confident God hears us through Him – so let’s take time to draw near to our Father and speak to Him about what you’ve been learning.

Day 2

Read Heb 8:1-7. What is the author comparing Jesus to here? What do we learn about Jesus and his ministry?

Day 3

In Heb 8:5, the author quotes from Exodus 25:40.  How does this OT quote support the point the author is making about Jesus’ ministry?

Day 4

Read 8:8-13. Here the author quotes from Jeremiah 31:31-34. What point does this quote make about the old covenant and the new one? What does it show us about Jesus’ ministry?

Day 5

This week, we’ve learnt about Jesus’ ministry and the covenant that he mediates. How does that grow your longing for the promises that Jesus offers? Spend some time now talking to our God about what you’re looking forward to!

Reflection Songs

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