Hebrews #7 3:1-4:13 (Part 2)

Day 1:

Last week, in our first look at  Hebrews 3:1-4:13, we received a heart-felt and clear warning to learn from Moses’ generation and their hardened hearts.

Compared to that generation, in what ways does God speak to you more?

List out some of the key times in the past where God has spoken to you, you’ve heard and you’ve listened.

List out all the ways He is speaking to you now in His Son (1:2), and you’ve heard, but have hardened your heart?

Take some time to thank God for times past when He’s given you a heart that is soft, but also take time to repent and return to Him if you’ve been hardened to Jesus and His words.

Day 2:

Part 1 Recap: Fill in all the details that you can remember from what we saw last week and all that we’ve seen so far in Hebrews into the diagram below:

Day 3:

Read Hebrews 3:1-4:13 again.

Our focus for Part 2 will be on 4:1-13, and any themes or important terms we might have missed in Part 1. Spend some time listing out any themes or key terms you think we didn’t discuss in Part 1 and think through them, and rise them the next time we meet together.

Day 4:

The main explicit quote in our passage is Psalm 95:7-11, and there’s a secondary reference to Genesis 2:2 regarding God’s rest.

Read the whole of Psalm 95 and look into the context of Genesis 2:2 – What are some key questions we can ask about this Psalm and Genesis 2 to help us understand the point that the author of Hebrews is making?

*Hint: remember our tips in reading the OT from earlier studies.

Day 5:

Read Hebrews 3:1 – 4:13 again.

After 2 weeks in this passage, what is the one big thing God is saying to us?

Spend some time reflecting on this passage and how to respond to what He is saying?

Speak to God in response to what He is saying and talk to Him about how you will respond rightly to the Son and His Message.

Reflection Song

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