Hebrews #16 3-10 Reflection

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This week, we’ll spend some time pulling together some of the big things we’ve learnt in Hebrews 3-10. Read through those chapters again — consider (a) what are the big responses the author wants us to have, and (b) how the author motivates us to respond in those ways.

For some days, you might find it helpful to split the reading into 2, morning and evening!

Day 1

Consider Heb 3.1-4.13, 5.11-6.12. What has the author of Hebrews been warning against? Why is it so serious? Are there ways in which you relate to the readers of Hebrews?

Day 2

Review Heb 4.14-5.11, 6.19-7.28. What have you learned about Jesus, our Great High Priest? How do these truths grow your confidence to draw near to the throne of grace? (Heb 4.16)

Day 3

Recall Heb 8.1-13. What does Jesus mediate for us in the new covenant? What are some promises that you are particularly looking forward to?

Day 4

Read Heb 9.1-10.18. How does Jesus’ ministry in the true tent and his offering of blood give you greater assurance in the promises of the new covenant? 

Day 5

Read 10.19-39 again.Take time to reflect and consider: how has your confidence in drawing near grown? What are some truths that will help you to hold fast until the Day comes? Are you in danger of “sinning deliberately”? 

Speak to our Heavenly Father about what makes you confident, and what makes you less than confident.

Reflection Songs

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