Hebrews #18 Chapter 12:1-17

Day 1

Read Heb 11 again. What have you learnt about faith from the “great cloud of witnesses” that the author gives as examples? How have they encouraged you to continue to endure by faith? Take some time to reflect and pray to our heavenly Father about it

For our time in Heb 12, we’ll be looking at it in 2 parts: vv1-17, and then vv12-29. Yes, there is an overlap — we’ll spend time the following session thinking about why!

Day 2

Read Heb 12.1-4.  Who does the author raise as a further example of endurance? How does that serve as an exhortation to the readers to continue running the race?

Day 3

Look at Heb 12.5-11. How does the author re-frame the endurance of the readers? How does this encourage them in their endurance & struggle?

Day 4

Read Heb 12.12-17.  How does this section add to the author’s exhortations and warnings? How is the author’s tone here? Why is the “root of bitterness” (Deut 29:18) so serious? How does the story of Esau add to the picture?  (Gen 25)

Day 5

How is your endurance? What have you seen in the passage that encourages you to continue running the race with endurance? How has this passage shaped your view of your relationship with God? 

Take time to thank our Heavenly Father for what you have seen, and speak to Him honestly about how you are doing in running the race.

Reflection Songs

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