One-On-One With Jesus

By Ps David Wong

When the camp theme “One-on-One” was given to me, I thought of what Martin Luther said: “Every man must do two things alone: he must do his own believing and his own dying.”

Yes, we come to Jesus one-on-one, and one day, we will see Him face to face, one-on-one. Between the two encounters is our journey through life as His disciples. Now in my seventies, the years before me are less than those after me.

As I look forward to meet Jesus, I find my faith simplifying to one or two things. Over the past six decades since I prayed to invite Jesus into my life, I have grappled with many things. I have spent years in the study of the Bible, and dealt with all kinds of issues—academic, pastoral and contemporary.

I have travelled widely and seen the Christian faith expressed and challenged in different parts of the world. Through it all, I have sought to live out my faith, as I serve Christ in the ministry and in my family. What are the one or two things that really matter when it’s all over?

During the camp, I invited campers to join me to relive John 21. There, Jesus met Simon Peter one-on-one, and asked, “Do you love me?” But that question was preceded by Jesus demonstrating His love for Peter. He reminded Peter of their first meeting, reenacted the miracle of the fishes, invited him to breakfast, and restored him in love.

We ended the camp messages with two questions: How much do I love Jesus? How much does Jesus love me? While our love may fall short, His love will always be a 10 out of 10. In our discipleship journey, only those things matter, one-on-one with Jesus.

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