Prayer Points 30 July 2023

Our Church

Traffic Safety – We are thankful to God for the continued safety of all our members and visitors, especially during the peak hours on a Sunday morning. We praise God for those that volunteer as traffic marshals and for the new arrangements that have been put in place for vehicle and pedestrian movements. We appeal for more members to step up to serve to assist with traffic flow, especially as our attendance numbers increase!

Catechism Class – Do pray that the visitors in our midst will be challenged to come for these sessions to understand the doctrines of the church, and grow in their faith – especially for those yet to be baptised. Pray also for those amongst us who have backslided or drifted in their relationship with Jesus, that they may consider using this platform or Christianity Explored to refresh their faith!

Our People

Missions Conference – Praise God that Timothy Ong, Dn John Chua, Lael Kok & Angie Ng could attend and learn from a youth missions conference comprising of 1700 delegates from 35 countries in all around Asia. Pray for a continued reflection on all that they have heard from the speakers and workshops, and consider how we can continue to inspire the Church to missions.

Our World

India – Pray for our partner in the North East part of India which has become very dry due to lack of rainfall. They report that it is becoming difficult to get water out of the hand pump and drinking water is not available. However, In other places, our partner reports that excessive rains has washed the home of one believer in their community. Pray for God’s mercy and provision of relief as our fellow brethren live in areas affected by such extremes in climate.

Indonesia – Thank God that brother S was able to go to a theological school in Kalimantan to help equip students there for gospel work in the inner regions of this island. Pray for good health and sensitive hearts to the Holy Spirits leading for the various workers working  with our partner as they go out to find people who are open to God in their areas.

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