The Decade of Missions (2023 – 2033)

By Ps Ng Zhiwen

I am writing this from a hall, at a Missions Conference that is happening now. Hundreds of Jesus followers from across the churches in Singapore have gathered to catch God’s heartbeat for the Church and for the world.

Just the night before, the people gathered in this hall saw a cloud of witnesses: The stage was filled with Singaporeans who had served as missionaries… 2 of whom went in 1964! Some of them served in the missions field for decades. Some who have returned are preparing to go back into the field! These brothers and sisters were not celebrated for the work they had achieved. They stood on stage as a testimony of obedience to God’s call.

It was a celebration of God’s work.

But there remains a task for our generation.

The people who came for conference did not come to witness a spectacle as curious bystanders. They will be contending with God’s serious call on them to likewise follow Him, to go where people have not yet heard about Jesus. Tonight, there will be an Altar Call.

I can’t help thinking of what Jesus had been saying to the 7 Churches in the Revelation (in chapters 2 and 3). We have been fighting an enemy who seduces (‘the phantom menace’) and oppresses (‘the empire strikes back’) so that the Church of Christ fails in her witness for the LORD. 

Some of them grappled with compromising with the idols and immoralities of their culture. Some struggled under the lies and slanders of others who would see them shut out and thrown into prison. Some were in danger of losing their first love for Jesus and turning ‘lukewarm’. 

I keep wondering – which of these churches reflect Zion Bishan today? Is our lamp burning bright?

But Jesus walks among us, to tend to us and keep us burning. If I may extend the analogy with a missions lens: us keeping our lamps bright is so that we share the light, so that more and more lamps will be lit across Asia.

I believe that Zion Bishan has a role to play to help fulfil this vision. We are committed to #GetSent. I pray that our lamp will burn bright.

At the missions conference, the “Decade of Missions” was launched. I am praying that over the next 10 years, we will see our members – individuals and groups (missional communities!) – participating whole-heartedly in the global mission of God.

Why should we be so committed to this? 

The short answer from the Revelation is this: Because Jesus is WORTHY. 

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