Prayer Points 22 Oct 2023

Our Church

Nepal Teams – Thank God that Janet, Joey, Rachel and Priscilla have returned safely from Nepal. Thank God for a good time with the children and youth in various centres. Pray that the youths will continue to draw strength and hope for the many challenges that they personally face from what they learnt about their identity in Christ. This was the theme of the sessions that Joey, Rachel and Priscilla had with them. Janet spent a few days helping to do basic health screening tests for the children, youth and staff in two centres. Weng was also able to complete 6 sessions of comprehensive training in special needs education for several staff from our partner. Praise God for 2 things, that more staff were able to be trained and secondly that there was some implementation of the training methods from last year’s training which has led to improvement in many ways for the special needs children. Pray that this training will be implemented and will bear much fruit in God’s time.

Indonesia – Last Thurs (19 Oct), Christy left with a team (not from our church) for Indonesia.  Thank God for this opportunity for her and team to serve an unreached people group that God has placed on their hearts. They hope to serve them through a mental wellness programme “Despair to Hope”. Pray that good connections will be made and that the team will be able have smooth travel throughout. Pray also for much grace, truth, wisdom and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit in all their conversations.

English as Second Language (ESL) Ministry – Thank God for 7 years of His goodness and blessings upon this ministry of leading both local and international women to Christ by providing conversational English lessons. At their annual graduation ceremony on Mon (16 Oct), they celebrated their 7th year anniversary with performances and an appreciation lunch to thank all the volunteers for their love and dedication for the students. May God use these friendships and relationships to draw these ladies closer to Christ.

Our Denomination

Emmanuel BPC – We thank God for the faithful ministry of our sister church and continue to pray for Ps David Leong as their pastor. We pray that God will call more people to join them and serve there. Pray especially for the need for musicians, particularly pianists or organists, to enable the smooth running of their worship services. If any AG would like to know more, please do contact Ps Dev or Ps David.

Our World

India – For our partner in East India, pray that the Marriage and Family seminar that they had last week (16-18 Oct) would bear fruit in knowledge and motivation to have godly families and marriages for themselves as well as to pass on that to their congregations. Thank God for the relief efforts by our partner in North East India to the affected flood victims in N. Sikkim last Tues (17 Oct). Pray for continued recovery and healing from the trauma of these events for all affected.

West Asia – We thank God for sister KY’s mental health work among the displaced people who have suffered much trauma in their lives.  Pray for her to continue to grow in her proficiency in the local language that she would be able to communicate His Word more readily with both young and old. Pray for open doors and for seeds that have been sown to bear much fruit in His time. Pray for Emily who will be with her and the team from 24 Oct that the visit will be an encouragement and blessing to them.

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