Sermon Notes 26 Nov 2023

The Open Door       

( 8.30am & 10.30am )  
Speaker: Ps Ng Zhiwen
Scripture: Revelation 3.7-13  


The Open Door (#1)


The Open Door (#2)


The Door to be Opened (#3)


Advent Season

Questions for Discussion and Reflection:

  1. Recall what you heard from the sermon. What are the 3 doors?
  2. What have you learned about what it means to be a witness for Jesus?
  3. Who are burdened to be a witness for Jesus to? How can you help Zion Bishan be a witnessing community this advent season and beyond?

( 4.30pm )  
Speaker: Ps Dev Menon
Scripture: Revelation 3.7-13  

7 Lampstands

Effective Witness

Light Shines Brightest

Questions for Discussion and Reflection:

  1. What did you remember about the passage or sermon?
  2. How did you answer the survey questions? 
    Discuss your answers with someone.
  3. What helps us be a more effective witness? 
    What compromises it?
  4. Is it about time you talked to someone about Jesus?

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