The Reason for the Season!

By Ps Alby Yip

I’ve always believed that coincidences are God’s hand in the glove of history. It recently happened again. Our sermon series is now on Revelation. We paused our study at chapters 10 and 11 on 19 November. Then we commenced the Christmas evangelistic sermon series on 26 November which will lead us through to Watchnight Service on 31 December.

So, what’s the coincidence? “Coincidentally,” Rev 10-11 are where John’s vision turned from judgments to salvation. God in His mercy would not want those without Christ to face the full extent of His wrath. We read and heard that judgments alone are not enough to change hearts. We need people who will bring the Gospel to the world of non-Christians.

Hence, coincidentally, we are reminded in Rev 10-11 that the people of God, you and I, are part of God’s plan to reconcile the world to Himself. Then we start our Christmas evangelistic sermon series where we encourage all to reach out and invite our family and friends who have not accepted Christ to join us.

I really believe there is divine intention behind this coincidence and also God’s divine invitation to us here in Zion Bishan to be a part of His salvific work this Christmas season. I hope that will make even stronger the reason for the season for us. That the Christmas season is not just for meals and celebrations. Christmas is the season for the Reason. 

It is the season for believers to proclaim to unbelievers the reason for Christmas—Christ! The world knows Christmas as the season to be jolly. We Christians call it the ‘Season of Joy’. But what exactly is the basis of this joy? This evangelistic Advent series seeks to explore the necessary sorrow that everyone must first understand in order to fully realise Christmas joy.

Each of these sermons will explore an aspect of the suffering and sorrow that Jesus came to deliver us from and end with an invitation to experience afresh the great joy we have in our Saviour being born into this world. So, keep your prayer alive for yourself, and more so for those whom you know need Christ and the true joy that only He can offer!

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