Prayer Points 4 Feb 2024

Our Church

Terusan Guest Workers Outreach – The team has organised a badminton tournament on 4 Feb afternoon. They will also be continuing to enroll them into conversational English class and befriending the guest workers through conversations over tea. 
Pray that God will prepare all the volunteers from English and Tamil congregations, to touch the hearts of the workers with His love through the above events.

CNY – As many of us celebrate the festivities next weekend, 
(1) Let us remember that this is an excellent opportunity to share the gospel and the love of God with our unbelieving family members. 
(2) Let us also remember that this will be a very difficult time for those who have lost loved ones, especially if they did not know Christ. 
(3) Finally let us remember those who may not have families in this country, or families who do not wish to gather for various reasons, or those from other ethnicities. Let us consider inviting others to our own gatherings or to the church dinner on 11 Feb.

Our World

India – Our partner who labours in the Hindi belt (N India) gives thanks that God has sustained its ministry over the past 25 years through its ups and downs. Please pray for believers to remain strong in the face of challenges and for the work to thrive even amidst difficult situations. As North India is still in deep winter, another partner reports a cold wave here. May the Lord bring relief from the cold, especially for the older folks. Further north, another partner plans to set up a fellowship for Nepalis from March onwards in one of its major cities. May this fellowship nurture and grow the faith of this group of Nepali Christians there.

Indonesia / India Elections – Pray for the upcoming elections in Indonesia (14 Feb) and India (Apr-May). May the elections be smooth and may the freedom of religion under its respective constitutions be upheld. Let us uphold this 2 very populous nations to our lord and may local Christians continue to remain faithful witnesses of the gospel though these transitions.

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