Prayer Points 10 Mar 2024

Our Church

Christianity Explored (CE) – Praise God for members and friends who signed up for this run that starts this coming Wednesday (13 Mar). Pray for our table hosts as they come alongside seekers in learning and exploring who Jesus is through the Gospel of Mark. Pray for soft and open hearts, and for table hosts to be sensitive and loving in helping the participants take steps closer to Christ.

Thanksgiving Service – We are set to renew our fresh 30-year land lease on 2.4.24. We will also be holding a Thanksgiving Service to commemorate this significant milestone. Do pray for a smooth submission process and for the planning of the service. Above all, pray that as we look back with thanksgiving for God’s faithfulness, we will also look ahead in commitment with faithfulness.

Our People

ET –  ET transitioned back to Singapore after having been in East Asia for a term.
Thank God for the good work that was done there and pray that God will continue to draw people to himself from the communities ET had been working in. We are grateful that she has had opportunity to rest and keep growing here in Singapore. May God give her wisdom and guidance for her next steps.

Our World

Lebanon – Thank God for our partner’s Christian Education Institute’s curriculum. This provides structured sessions spread across 4 days a week for over a year to help seekers know God through teaching, prayers, worship, love and support for them. In their recent report, they share about Sister A who was a cancer survivor and one of their 1st year students. After hearing about how Jesus continues to heal today, her faith in Jesus grew and she asked for prayer from one of the teachers. One of them prayed for her and declared that she was healed and to her joy, she went back to the hospital for further examinations and found that her cancer had vanished. She is now an active member in one of their small groups. May God continue to guide and grow the work of this programme.

India – Pray for a partner in North India who is an NGO (non-government organisation) serving the communities here. They seek to help a network of local N. Indian pastors sustain themselves through livelihood projects and be able to grow their small communities of Jesus followers in this challenging region. Pray for 4 key leaders of this NGO who are currently on a visit to these pastors to assess their income generation projects and to explore other possibilities in different areas.  Pray for a safe journey and a fruitful time with the pastors.

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