Prayer Points 7 Apr 2024

Our Church

Land Lease Renewal – Praise the Lord! We have successfully renewed a fresh 30-year lease on 2.4.24. A good reminder that this will be our 2nd lease on 4 Bishan Street 13. We thank God for the many who ran or walked 24.24 km or 2.4 km to commemorate that significant day. Thank God for keeping everyone safe. We thank God also for the very rousing Thanksgiving Service on 2.4.24, the very first service of our new 30-year lease, where we reflect on the past 30 years of God’s provisions and faithfulness. Never Once did He leave us on our own. Hence, we also renewed our covenant with God through the reading of Joshua 24 ending in resounding unison on Joshua 24:24 “And the people said… ‘The Lord our God we will serve, and his voice we will obey.'” Indeed, as we closed that night with Be Thou My Vision, let us always keep Christ as the centre of our vision. And as we are reminded today in Rev 19:10 “Worship God”, let us continue to hold fast to the testimony of Jesus in forth-telling about Him and His Return through our words, and more so through our lives and lifestyles.

Our World

Taiwan – Last Wednesday (3 Apr), at about 8am, East Taiwan experienced a powerful 7.4 magnitude earthquake. The death toll as of 4 Apr was 9 with hundreds injured. Rescue operations for people trapped in buildings and tunnels and other places were ongoing. Pray for these efforts and also the safety of the remaining population facing continued challenges through having to relocate or endure ongoing aftershocks. ends – Pray for the Mu.slim communities all around the world who would be celebrating the end of the fasting month of Rama.dan this coming week on 10 April. Pray that they will know the amazing grace and forgiveness of the Lord for all peoples through the faithful and loving witness of God’s people.

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