Prayer Points 11 October 2020

Our Church

Safety Precautions – We thank God we can gather in relative safety to worship Him as a church. But let us pray, even as things seem safe, that we remain vigilant and love our neighbours by keeping to safety measures when meeting with one another. Do uphold the COVID Taskforce in prayer as they continue to oversee users of the church premises and ensuring safety for all our worshippers.

Men’s Ministry (p.8) – Pray for their upcoming retreat and “Taking Charge” series that it will equip our men with an understanding of their God-given responsibilities in their homes, church, work and community.

Our People

New Deacons – Today we witness the installation of Dns Li Hwee, Dns Ee Wern, Dns Jessica, Dns Jenny and Dn Beng Hwee. Let us thank God for their hearts of service, and may they be blessed as they bless many with their time and gifts from God.

Our World

North East India – It is “camp season” for youth and children with our ministry partner here. However, because of COVID-19 precautions, they cannot hold their camps at their centre. All the camps have to be organized and run at different places. This requires lots of travelling, special arrangements and extra cost. Pray for the smooth running of all the camps and also protection of all attendees from the virus. Pray that this will also be a time of spiritual refreshment for all.

Malaysia – Thank God for a successful operation, with no damage to nerves and a fairly quick post-op recovery for Eld Koo. He is recovering well and he is thankful for the fact that he was under the hands of a good orthopaedic surgeon. Eld Koo has been discharged from the hospital and is able to stand and walk a little with the help of a walking frame. Pray for continued recovery and also good arrangements for his physiotherapy when he is back home.

Lebanon – Our ministry partner here is grateful for Zion Bishan’s prayers and support. In particular, Zion has helped support their hot meals programme and also their ministers and staff. They report that people have gone hungry and are desperate, causing great unrest, riots and road closures all around Lebanon.
Pray for peace and hope to be offered to those who are suffering in the country of Lebanon. Many men who have large families are committing suicide on a daily basis because they cannot afford to buy food anymore due to the inflation of the Lebanese currency. Pray for the churches, like our ministry partner’s, to be the source of God’s peace and hope in this dire situation. Pray for a government that will be able to find a way out of such an economic and national crisis.

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