Zion Bishan Land Lease Renewal Project Interest Free Loans

In the Gospels, we have instances of people lending to the Lord Jesus. Peter lent Jesus his boat, Lazarus and his sisters their home, an anonymous person a donkey, and another an upper room for the last supper. In the end, Joseph of Arimathea lent Jesus a tomb to rest for a while. What a privilege it is to be able to lend to the Lord! In our Land Lease Renewal Project, we have an opportunity to put at our Lord’s disposal our savings which we do not need at the moment. Such loans will ensure a smooth cash-flow—all for the glory of God.
Senior Pastor Alby Yip

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1 Response

  1. Patrick says:

    For the LLRF – loan, may I suggest to avail the use of internet fund transfer and email instead of physical cheque and “snail” mail. This is the age of internet, many people have given up cheque accounts.

    Also, may I suggest giving option of monthly repayment (min. $100/mth) via internet banking standing order. This will spread out the repayment and lower the burden of one time re-payment. It may start or extend beyond 2023.
    Please do update me.
    Thank You