Prayer Points 7 March 2021

Our Church

Tuition Ministry – Praise God for the 19 students from REACH Family Service Centre (FSC) and a smooth start to in-person tuition ministry on 25 Feb, Thursday. Thank God also for bringing an additional 4 other students outside of REACH.

Safeguarding Training (Children’s Ministry) – Praise God that 45 Children’s Discipleship Leaders were able to undergo safeguarding training these last two weeks. Pray for wisdom for Dns Deborah Yang and Dn Danny Chua (Safeguarding Team) as they work with the Children’s Ministry team to conduct these sessions to help leaders care well for our children. It is so crucial that our children can come to know our Lord Jesus in a safe environment. Pray for creativity and perseverance for our CD leaders as they teach and care for our children in the coming year.

Mandarin Christianity Explored – commenced on 6 March via Zoom for four Saturdays. Please pray that the sessions would be engaging for the non believers. Pray for smooth connection as some would be attending from overseas.

Our People

Mdm Kuan Lin Sau – Pray for healing for Moh Han’s mother, Mdm Kuan, aged 87 who was hit by a grab bike on 1 Mar. She fell and fractured her face, bruised her chin and neck, injured her right hand, left shoulder and fractured her right ribs. She feels pain when she breathes. Please pray for a full and speedy recovery from all her injuries.

Our World

Prayer for Harvest – Let us consider praying for the Harvest this 3rd week of Lent. Last week, we heard about the 80% in Singapore who have yet to know Jesus as Lord and Saviour and the many more among our family, friends and colleagues. Pray that more in Zion Bishan will be willing to soak deep in these Scripture passages to deepen our understanding of God’s Kingdom and the Harvest and also to really use the Harvest Prayer Guide to intentionally pray for the Harvest around us. (see the announcement page).

Central India – This past week, thank God for Rev A and his team who have used Zion Bishan’s Covid Missions Relief Fund (MRF) to obtain 80 grocery kits and distribute them for believers from certain tribal groups here. Pray for our ministry partner and his team for a smooth and safe distribution as there can be opposition to their activities.

Myanmar – We read about the bloodshed and lives lost last week. Pray for God’s mercy on this troubled nation and especially for its people who are experiencing hopelessness in the current situation. May they be able to experience God’s peace and hope through the effective witnessing of fellow believers.

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