Prayer Points 21 August 2022

Our Church

Living Room (LR) – LR is currently remodelling and reviewing their ministry efforts in community engagement. As the café closes for refurbishment works from 1-10th Sept, pray for favour with external contractors & vendors and a timely completion of the works. Pray also for good health and rest for the members of the staff team during this period of transition, and that efforts to reach out and connect customers to the wider church community will be able to resume timely.

Music Ministry Team Retreat – Pray for the growth and well-being of the music ministry teams, as they met for a mini-retreat on Sat 20 Aug. (This is why all the songs sung today are pre-recorded.)

Land Lease Renewal – We thank God for providing for our land lease renewal needs. It is also very encouraging to witness the faithful giving of all ZB members and worshippers. We commenced the short-term lease on 1 July 2022. The authorities are still in the process of reviewing the pricing for the 30-year lease. Hence, we will continue to receive giving towards the LLRF to meet the needs of the eventual lease renewal. Let us continue to pray for God’s grace in the lease renewal matter.

Our World

India – India celebrated its 75th Independence Day on 15 Aug. Let’s pray for the millions of people still living below the poverty line for which the current inflation is posing a huge burden. There are also many whom the gospel has not reached in this land. Pray earnestly for the Christians in India to unite and be a blessing to their country even as they face many challenges for being a believer.

Indonesia – Indonesia also celebrated its 77th National Day on 17 Aug. Pray for the local church (11% of population) to continue to grow, mature and reach out to others, especially in unreached communities. An example of this would be a regular food outreach to the punk community in a partner’s city. These efforts also enabled our partner to befriend a few youths with mild intellectual disability. Pray that more from this community will receive the gospel and its transformation in their lives.

Malaysia – Thank God for Pastor L whom we have partnered with for many years to reach out to the indigenous peoples of Malaysia. In particular, pray for the work of two workers we are supporting. They have been serving the Orang Asli (OA) communities in the Endau-Rompin region. Pray for the next generation of OA Christians to grow strong in their faith despite many challenges.

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