Prayer Points 20 February 2022

Our Church

Catechism Class Thank God that we have started another round of in person catechism class on Saturdays. Pray for the 20+ new catechumens, as they begin a new journey in their spiritual life. Pray also that they will be able to settle well into this family here at Zion Bishan.

Christianity Explored (CE) Table Hosts Training Thank God for the table hosts who have stepped forward to serve in this capacity. Pray for the four training sessions starting this Wednesday evening, as they consider their roles and what is needed in sharing the good news of Christ. Pray for us as a church to continue being bold to invite people to hear about Jesus. The next run of CE begins on 23 Mar.

The Next Lap Pray for our Pastors, Session, Staff and Congregational Shepherding Teams as they deliberate over the recently released news on Simplified Safe Management Measures. Pray that all plans being considered will be for the building of the saints in and outside of our local church.

Our People

Brother S Thulung Brother S is grateful to everyone in Zion Bishan for our prayers & concern for his father, the late Mr Rai, who went home to the Lord last Wednesday. He request prayers for his mother who suffers from acute dementia, that the Lord would help guide the family towards the best way to provide care for Mrs Rai. Pray also for a smooth process in settling the estate of the late Mr Rai.

Our World

Tibetan Buddhist New Year (Losar) This 15 day festival is from 3-17 March 2022 and is thought to have originated in the Pre-Buddhist period in Tibet. It has its roots in the Bon religion, an animistic religion that often includes rituals to appease the spirits with offerings. Tibetan Buddhists (TBs) are one of the unreached people groups (UPGs) being reached through our partners in East and West Nepal. Pray for TB Christians to be bold in sharing about Christ with their non-Christian friends and family. Pray also for more Christians to go to these places to share the love of Christ to them. May more from Zion Bishan use the Losar Prayer Guide to pray for TBs during this period. Sign up to receive the PDF here:

Indonesia Pray for our Missiology School alumni that have reported illnesses to recover quickly. Pray for God to provide wisdom, power and courage for workers to be effective witnesses amongst their neighbours or adopted neighbourhoods. In Western Indonesia, one partner has requested prayers for the new leaders’ training that will take place this month as well as the planning session with the local team on how to support the growing number of members. Pray for all new believers to grow in their trust and knowledge of Christ.

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