Prayer Points 20 March 2022

Our Church

Christianity Explored (CE) –CE sessions officially begin this week. Pray for the 6 Table Hosts who have stepped up to journey with seekers who are exploring Jesus and the gospel. Pray for the Spirit to be working in the hearts of these seekers as they read through the Gospel of Mark, that they will come to be convicted and receive the good news that Jesus has come to bring.

Living Room (LR) – The Living Room is planning to step up its ministry and outreach work in 2022. Pray for clarity in planning with other ministries and community partners to reach our neighbours in the Bishan community. Pray also for more to volunteer for community outreach, that relationships forged will be effective for sharing the truth and love of Christ.

Migrant Workers Food Distribution –Today members from Tamil Service assisted by brothers from English Service will be distributing dinner to 40 workers in a dorm at Penjuru. Please pray that as we invite them for special program for them on Good Friday, they all will attend and the Holy Spirit will speak to their hearts.

Safe-Sound-Sleeping Place (S3P) for Women – Our S3P has sheltered 11 guest stayers since August 2021. This week, our last guest stayers have moved out to a flat. Pray for smooth transition and good follow up, especially for the ones we are still in touch with. Pray for our volunteers as they look to rest, recharge, and reflect after this season of service.

Our World

India –A partner shared a prayer for more cross cultural workers (trainees) and supporters from the south to the relatively unreached northern states. Pray also for the few Christians in the local communities in the north will be able to continue to raise disciples in their communities who will continue to make disciples wherever they are. Pray for continued wisdom and provision of the necessary resources to continue the community outreach ministries, such as tailoring, life skills training and tuition classes that reaches out to serve the needs of the locals. May the gospel of the kingdom be preached in the whole of India (and the whole world), so that Jesus will return.

Ukraine & Russia –Two mission agencies whom we work with report that their country teams in neighbouring countries to Ukraine have been busy providing basic necessities of food and shelter for the many refugees streaming into their countries.  They have also provided a listening ear and counselling for these refugees who have recently experienced so much trauma emotionally and physically. Meanwhile, the two agencies teams in Russia are also facing various challenges and much wisdom is needed to figure out what is the right thing to do.

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