Prayer Points 4 September 2022

Our Church

Christianity Explored (CE) — 7 weeks of CE sessions officially begin this Wednesday at 7.20pm. Pray for the 6 Table Hosts who have stepped forward to journey with seekers who are exploring Jesus and the Gospel. Pray for the Spirit to be working in the hearts of those who come, that as they read through the Gospel of Mark, they will come to be convicted and receive the good news that Jesus has come to bring.

English Elders’ Retreat — The English Elders had another retreat yesterday (Sat, 3rd Sep) to discuss Discipleship in the Next Lap vision. Thank God for a fruitful discussion and please pray that what was discussed will lay the foundation for a Zion Bishan family where every member is matured and well-equipped to bring Jesus to others.

Hokkien Service Mid-Autumn Outreach (11 Sep) — Pray for good turnout for the Mid-Autumn outreach service and for the Gospel message to be well received by Hokkien speaking non-believers.

Our World

India – Thank God for 5000 bibles distributed to small churches in India in the heart languages of their members (for e.g. Kannada, Tamil, English, Hindi, Telugu and Marathi.) These were gratefully received by the Pastors, who saw this as an answer to their prayer for bibles for their members, many of whom cannot afford one. Sister V received her bible and said “The Bible is like a treasure. We open it, we get the strength to carry on in life.” She is illiterate but asks her loved ones to read the Scriptures from her new Bible to her. Many of the villages and communities receiving these bibles are under the influence of dark spiritual forces, poverty, hopelessness and rejection. Pray that the joy of the knowledge of God through His word, will transform their lives both individually and communally.

Nepal – Pray for Bro J and Sis G, a young couple who works in a children home of our partner. Their premature baby daughter (43 days old) was called home to the Lord on 29 Aug after much medical intervention. Pray for the grieving couple as it is their second baby daughter who has parted with them. Pray for our Lord to comfort and strengthen them in the days ahead.

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