OT Overview Devotions (Week #13: 1 Samuel 7:15-9:2; 10:17-24; 13:5-15 & 14:47-15:35)

This study in 1 Samuel marks a major turning point in the Overview as we reach the time of Israel’s monarchy, where the role of Israel’s King becomes crucial in the rest of God’s Story.

As we begin, spend some time praying for God’s help with a greater understanding of the role that the King plays in His Plan.

Day #1:

1 Samuel isn’t the first thing God’s said about a king (e.g. Gen 17:6, 49:10, Deut 28:36) and its crucial we understand the background, so before studying these chapters, let’s spend the first 2 days of our devotions this week to think through some of what’s been said so far:

Read Deuteronomy 17:14-20. What does this passage tell us about God’s thoughts concerning a king for Israel, and what kind of king He wants for Israel?

What is your own idea of a king? As Singaporeans, it’s sometimes quite difficult for us to understand a monarchy. If you were to write a description of a king you’d desire to have, would it be similar or different to what God says above?

Day #2:

Read Judges 17:6, 18:1, 19:1 & 21:25. What might a king help with?

Based on what we’ve seen in Deuteronomy and Judges, before 1 Samuel 8, is the idea of a king in Israel good or bad?

Given what we know in the Story so far, why might a king be important to God’s plan?

(*This is a key question, so do spend some time thinking about this!)

Day #3:

Read 1 Samuel 7:15-8:22. What are the 2 main things the people want their king to do? Judges 2:11-22 (which we’ve looked at before) and 1 Samuel 13:16-22 help summarise Israel’s situation around this time. How does this background explain why both of the things that the people desired of their king are needed?

Given what we saw in Day #1 & Day #2, what exactly is wrong with the people’s request for a king? (Hint: see 8:7-9)

Day #4:

Read 1 Samuel 9:1-2, 10:17-25, 13:1-15. As Saul becomes Israel’s King, what is the main way he fails in 1 Samuel 13?

Day #5:

Read 1 Samuel 14:47-15:35. Saul sins and fails again in this passage. In both 1 Samuel 13 & 15, what is God’s verdict on Saul, and what does this teach us about what is needed in God’s King?

In 13:13-14 & 15:28, what is God’s alternative to Saul? What does this teach about the place of a king in God’s plan?

Day #6:

To summarise, what has this first study on the monarchy taught us about kingship in God’s plan? How is the king in God’s plan different to monarchs in the 21st century?

How does this help us better understand what we mean when we as Christians declare Jesus is King today? Speak to the LORD about the King that we have, and re-affirm the ways we’ve thought rightly about His Kingship, and confess the ways we’ve thought wrongly about Him.

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