Prayer Points 13 November 2022

Our Church

Tuition Ministry – We thank God for His faithfulness in enabling and sustaining our ministry efforts this past academic year. As the tutors, students, parents and guardians gather for one last time this year this coming Thursday (17 Nov), pray for a fruitful time of fellowship and opportunities for gospel conversations, that students and their parents or guardians may experience the love and joy of Christ through our tutors and in being a part of this community.

Our World

Philippines – We thank God for giving our ministry partner, Student Missionary Outreach (SMO) 45 years of ministry in many parts of the Philippines. Ministry at their student centre in Bacolod City centre has seen a steady rise in student visits since in-person interaction was permitted post pandemic. Students come during lunch time to the SMO centre because they offer cheap and affordable food at lunch. Thereafter, visiting students are given an opportunity to spend 15-20 min in Bible study with the youth workers at the centre. The centre is also open in the morning for students to come during their open periods to do their work, study or just relax and play basketball. In this way, many young people have been reached for Christ as they experience gospel transformation in their lives. Many have gone on to study at SMO-BTI (Bible Training Institute) to be a youth worker in churches or campuses elsewhere in the Philippines. Thank God also for the many youth teams that Zion Bishan has sent to visit them over the years. They were also a rich blessing to our youth community, encouraging them to know and love the Lord.

Nepal – In the early morning hours on Wednesday (9 Nov), Nepal experienced a 6.3 magnitude earthquake. We thank God that our church’s remaining team member was kept safe, though his travel plans were disrupted, and he had to return to the centre he had left that day. Pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to guide him for his ministry and protect his health. Pray for comfort for one of the centre leaders, his wife and children as they mourn for his mother, who passed away suddenly in India last week. They had to rush to settle many matters. It is also still a shock for everyone in the family. May our Lord be their comfort in this time of grief.

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