Prayer Points 9 April 2023

Our Church

Tuition Ministry – The students had an opportunity to learn about Good Friday and Easter when they each received a cupcake on Thursday. Thank God for the teachers who have been growing in their relationships with the students, and for how they were able to share the Gospel with them. Pray alongside our teachers that the gospel seeds sown will fall on soft ground in the students’ hearts, and that they will bear fruit through the working of the Holy Spirit in His time.

Guest Workers Outreach – English classes for the guest workers at Terusan Recreation Centre begin on Sunday. Pray for the volunteers to be so filled with the love of God that it would overflow into all their interactions with the workers. Pray for God to show the team those who are particularly hungry for the truth among the many workers they meet and interact with. Pray too for more volunteers to step forward and partner alongside in this gospel work.

Our People

Sister Ann has been discharged and is home. The surgery wound is very painful as doctor had to remove the old battery along with the flesh which has grown over it in the 5 years since it was installed. The wound would need to heal well and would take time. Please pray against infection and for speedy healing. 

Our World

Indonesia – Thank God for the fellowship and encouragement that the 6 member team from Zion Bishan was able to have with fellow brothers and sisters in 3-4 locations here. It was a good time to reconnect with each other, especially since the pandemic had restricted the physical meeting of many in this community. We also thank God that a lack of committed Pastors in the more rural villages is being met by a Theological school the team visited. This school has about 20 over men and 20 over women who have opened themselves to theological training with a willingness to explore going back to their villages to support the churches in these places.

India – Our partner shared many challenges of being a Christian locally. Pray for God’s wisdom and for local believers to be able to stand firm in their faith. One pastor will be visiting a local village where there are issues with not conforming to local religious practices, pray that he will be able to encourage the local believers there. May our fellow brethren continue to trust in the Lord amidst their many needs (financial, medical issues, need of classrooms, church building, studies and school).

Nepal – Thank God that the flights of Michael and Ps HR were able to proceed without incident. They have arrived in the place in West Nepal where they will encourage our partner in the area of Christian maturity. Pray for good weather and availability of flights as they take the mountain flights later this week. May they have a good time of fellowship and debrief of the various activities ZB members were able to be involved in.

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